Tokyo Rail Days Malaysia Approx. 75 min from TOKYO

Experience The real Snow World

GALA Yuzawa Snoe Resort

BUY1 GALA product*, Get a Suica card!! Period: 25 Oct. - 15 Dec. 2017 Available for GALA 3, 4, School in Chinese course

Kanto Buffet
Tokyo Rail Days

Recommended Tour from Tokyo [ GALA Yuzawa 1 day ]

Only one in the world with Shinkansen Station that connects right to ski ground. You can see the ski ground as soon as you get off your Shinkansen.

3 DAY Rail Pass + Varieties of options + Free time for you on your other days.

Itinerary and Additional options


PASS Gondola
& Sled
Lift Ticket Rental
Ski or
Snow Wear Kanjiki
in Chinese

Adult fair

( from ~ )

Child fair

( from ~ )
GALA 1 *1 SGD178 SGD98
GALA 2 *1 SGD202 SGD104
GALA 3 *2 SGD262 SGD138
GALA 4 *2 SGD292 SGD154
in Chinese
*2 SGD403 -

*1: Gondola ticket is available for one round tirp only. *2: Unlimited ride of Gondola & Lift
※Starting from these prices. ※Prices depend on additional options.

Do you want to experience the real snow world?

The most popular winter season's recommendation of "KANTO BUFFET " series is " GALA YUZAWA SNOW RESORT" package. It includes a three-day rail pass for overseas visitors *1 (normally the pass is only available in Japan) and the rental ticket used at Gala Yuzawa Snow resort (which is more reasonably priced than purchasing it in Japan) where the place is ONLY 75 mins *2 from Tokyo Station. So event if you are joining a group trip, all you need is one free day! You can purchase the tour at famous travel agencies in Malaysia and receive the ticket at the airport or hotel where you are staying in Japan, just *go skiing empty handed.*And enjoy playing the snow! Please contact the nearest agencies below right now!

Full Experience of playing in the snow just 75 minutes from Tokyo

*1 Unlimited travel on trains including Shinkansen in the designated area for three consecutive days. it also can be used for trains from Narita International Airport and Haneda International Airport to central Tokyo, as well as the JR Yamanote Line
*2 Using the fastest Shinkansen train.

[Series E4 Joetsu Shinkansen]