Fujikawaguchiko Herb Festival – Lavender Field by the bank of Lake Kawaguchiko

Fujikawaguchiko Herb Festival or Herb Festival by Lake Kawaguchi
Will be held till this July 12 at Yagizaki Park
And on July 20 at Oishi Park


Inside this Festival there will be the display of more than 100,000 lavenders, that transform the park beside the lake into a gigantic beautiful purple carpet with sweet scent all over the place.
The water surface of the lake will reflect the purple of Lavender Field which will have the scenery of Mt. Fuji as a backdrop, and makes this place one of the popular photo spot of Japan in summer that you shouldn’t miss!!
Fare of this place : Free!

Source: http://www.fujisan.ne.jp/event/info_e.php?if_id=672&ca_id.3&page.&sum_count=&kensuu=