GALA Yuzawa SNOW RESORT already identified the opening date of the services for year 2015. See you on this December 19th!

It has been formally announced for the opening date for the first day service of the year of GALA Yuzawa Ski Area.  Let’s meet on December 19th, 2015 for sure.  Who is planning to be there can specify the date now.


GALA Yuzawa that closes to Tokyo can travel in only 77 minutes by Shinkansen.  This can be considered as the only one ski area that connects directly to Shinkansen station.  This can be called that once you left the train, you will see the Snow Resort in front of you.





Who wants to play snow but no equipments can take the train with comfortable empty hand because here there are ski suits with equipments such as ski, snow board or ski slider for rental that match with your desire.  Or if anyone who would like to ski or play snow board but never play it before, here there are teaching basic technique for playing before jumping on the ground.  And we would like to remind for the first time playing that will exactly get hurt!




For anyone who is looking for good deal tour package for skiing here, Tokyo Rail Days has good program to recommend “Kanto Buffet”.  Package for GALA Yuzawa route with additional options such as lift, gondola, ski suit rental with equipments and 3 Days Pass for traveling around Kanto region!  See more details in our website.


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